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Revitalize Public Education

Recently, our legislators have submitted bills concerning what Massachusetts children will be taught in schools. These are often people with no training or experience in education, and sometimes no experience raising children of their own. I don’t think these are the right people for this task, and I often wonder why they’re getting involved. What is their objective?
I understand that the legislature wants to ensure that the taxpayers’ money is being well spent and that they want the public schools in Massachusetts producing educated and productive members of society. However, these two things require a rigorous assessment of the overall process, and an analysis of the results of that process.
I’ve worked over 35 years in various industries, often in management positions. Over that time, I learned that regardless of the project, we were most successful when I helped define the goal of the project but left the decisions and steps to achieve that goal to the "experts"; those trained in the specific industry or technology required for the task.
I am not a professional educator; therefore, I would be hesitant to tell professional educators how to do their job. Rather, I believe the legislature, as representatives of the people of Massachusetts, and with the people’s input (not special interests’), should clearly and explicitly define the objectives of the public education system in Massachusetts. They should provide educators, who are trained professionals with the required skills and experience, with the tools and support they need to be successful in the classroom.
It’s tough being a teacher, and even tougher being a parent or guardian of a child in public school. We need to review and revitalize our public education system. We should start with defining the goals and objectives of public education - begin with the end in mind. Only then can we define and implement the changes necessary to achieve these goals. I’d be surprised if the recent suggestions by the legislature made the cut, but I expect that parental involvement would be supported and encouraged.
As your representative, I will work with you to address your concerns with public education regardless of your role in the process. I greatly appreciate your supporting me for State Rep of the 18th Essex District.

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