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Threat to our Democracy

The phrase “threat to our democracy” has been overused in the media recently. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are repeatedly claiming that the actions of the other side are a “threat to our democracy”. So, I might as well jump on the bandwagon.

To me the greatest “threat to our democracy” in Massachusetts is that in most legislative districts in the state, the people do not have a choice when they vote. Citizens in a democracy get to vote for who they want to represent them in government. That choice is removed when there is only one name on the ballot. This year, only 50 of the 160 Massachusetts State Rep districts have more than one candidate running in the general election. In most of these cases, the one candidate is a Democrat.

In April, the only candidate for State Representative for the 18th Essex District was the Democratic incumbent. No one had stepped up to represent the citizens of the district who were unhappy with the direction the state was going, the local economy, school curricula, or local and state tax issues. Many individuals felt it was time for a change. These people, who I felt were a significant portion of the voters in the district, and quite possibly the majority, did not have a candidate to vote for in the upcoming election. So, I decided to enter the race.

I believe I am well qualified and have the experience necessary for the job. More importantly, I am able and willing to step up and represent the people of my district.

I ask that you support my candidacy. I truly believe I am correct in that we are the majority. I want to support you, as your representative, for the next 2 years.

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