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Welcome to the MVFB Golf Tournament

My name is Jeff Dufour and I am the Republican Candidate for State Representative for the 18th Essex House District which includes portions of Boxford, North Andover, Tewksbury and most of Andover, including the neighborhoods surrounding Indian Ridge Country Club.

About Me

  • I have worked for the past 38 years as an Information Systems and Project Management professional holding positions at several fortune 500 companies, including as Director of Application Development at a major financial services firm. 
  • I have more than 30 years experience leading diverse teams of individuals to achieve common goals.
  • I have spent my career working with stakeholders to prioritize projects, identifying and implementing those that provide the greatest return on investment.
  • I have expertise working with multi-million-dollar budgets and achieving year-over-year cost reductions within service industries.

My Political Beliefs

  • I am a fiscal conservative and plan to bring my business experience, and some common sense, to Beacon Hill. 
  • I support public safety and law enforcement.  I believe that law enforcement is not limited to the police but extends to our judicial system, including the District Attorneys and Attorneys General, who are responsible for prosecuting those who violate our laws. 
  • I support teachers and students but believe that our schools need a thorough review.  Public education is a major investment in our future, and we need to ensure we’re getting the best outcomes possible.
  • I support small businesses, those who are disproportionately impacted by the fees and taxes levied by our state, and are often neglected when policy decisions are made.
  • I will put people ahead of politics.  I am not running for office to get my face on TV or followers on social media, but hope my accomplishments on behalf of the voters will be worthy of their continued support.

Lets talk about Golf! (because that's what's really important)

Golf has been a major part of my life since I was a boy.

I have been playing golf since I was 10 years old, first introduced by my grandmother at Penobscot Valley Country Club (PVCC) in Orono, Maine.  I had the opportunity to see Arnold Palmer play at the PVCC in 1972, the first of several times I would see him play. 

I didn't play much golf during college but returned to playing in the 1980's when I managed my office golf league at Raytheon in Andover.

My family and I designed and built Hidden Meadows Golf Course in Old Town, Maine beginning in 1994.  The 9-hole public course, built on my father's farmland, opened to the public in 1997.

I'm not good at it, but I enjoy playing golf and appreciate everything that goes into creating a great golf experience.

My most interesting golf memory is watching Tiger Woods play his first round at Augusta National, as an amateur, on April 6th, 1995.

Why should you support my candidacy?

  1. I'm a Fiscal Conservative.  We need to cut taxes and reduce spending in Massachusetts.
  2. I'm a political outsider.  We need more real-world experience on Beacon Hill.
  3. I'm a golfer.  What else to you need to know?




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